Browsr is the futuristic approach to meeting people the old fashioned way! By using the advanced capability of the GPS feature of your smart device, we are able to connect people who are looking to engage in real time based on proximity. Unlike other online dating apps, Browsr focuses on the here and now rather than connections you have missed. Other users will appear instantaneously on your phone as they walk into your proximity in the apps “visible connections”.

Browsr is a real-time dating and connection game changer.

Tired of collecting matches from your couch, or maybe have a serious case of swipe-fatigue?  Browsr’s real-time, action packed, but totally safe dating experience is designed with you in mind!  It was developed by taking out the flaws of other dating apps and introducing the capabilities of real time dating into the palm of your hand. Browsr will break the ice in any new conversation and take away any fear of rejection!

We are here to put an end to catfishing and fake profiles.

Hey, you look great in your senior picture… Too bad it’s not 1989 anymore. Anyone’s profile can be verified by looking across the room in real time. Eliminate the potential for people to hide behind filtered facades they created on their social media. Choose to go “Invisible” or flat out block other users and preserve your privacy. Stop collecting meaningless matches and dead-end messages.

We have removed the annoying features of other dating apps and given you all the best right here.

So, if you’re out on the town tonight, or want to make matches while you’re bored, we have provided features to accommodate you. You can still sit at work or home and filter profiles left and right and we save all your likes for 21 days. Best of all; see who’s on the treadmill or bar stool right across from you. Browsr was built for the user, by the user.

Get ready to engage the world around you!